MKE Week 16 – Kindness all around

Spending the week focused on kindness has been a blessing is so many ways. I felt much more appreciation when I recognized kindness given by others, which in turn I responded with more kindness! I had several interactions that were so pleasant and I know it was directly related to kindness.

Tonight my husband and I had a great conversation with our kids about the importance of kindness, speaking kind words and treating others as you wish to be treated. They are 7, 9 and 14. My 14 year old became emotional, later my husband and I spoke with her alone to see why she was so emotional. She said she felt like she is a horrible person because she recognizes that she doesn’t speak kindly at times when she should. My husband was so sweet as he calmed her and reassured her that she is not a horrible person. He told.her she is smart, kind, beautiful and great and that he never wanted her to say that she is a horrible person because it is just not true. It is so sweet watching a father comfort his child. I could see her heart lighten. I followed up by sharing with her that kindness is a choice and that he has the choice every interaction to react and respond with kindness. We both shared that we are not perfect as people or as parents and we always have room to improve. The key was to be aware and to try to grow and improve. Somedays we do better than others, and on the days we notice we didn’t do our best we just try again the next day.

As most parents do, we hope we made a difference. I know that it’s the small things, repeated, that accomplish any undertaking. So we will have these conversations regularly. I find great joy in knowing that my experience with the master key system will.make such a great impact on my children’s lives. And maybe they won’t live to 42 before they find the power within and become liberated, self directed thinkers.

Love and light, Marda

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6 thoughts on “MKE Week 16 – Kindness all around

  1. Marda, It’s so great that MKE is having such a positive impact on your family.


  2. Your kids are getting it!!!
    Your blessed Sister Marda

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    1. I definitely feel blessed to be on this journey. Thank you Jeff.


  3. Marda, your blog touched my heart and soul! Thank you.

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