MKE Week 15 – Today I begin a new life

I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am a unique creature. Never has there been another.

I am feeling the love this week as I emerse myself in scroll IV. This scroll has, so far, been the most powerful for me. Although I am pretty sure I have felt that way with each new scroll. Of course there is a progression, it is all on purpose! Although I know these words I needed to hear, to feel and to beleive. So often as a young woman I felt rather ordinary, plain, uninteresting, not too smart, not too pretty, not very funny and so on. I frankly wondered why anyone would want to be freinds with me.

Thankfully I have overcome most of those thoughts, and there is a little left that I am overcoming. Even when the words no longer feel true, when those thoughts become foreign to who I know I am, I think this affirmation will still have a profound effect. I see nature’s miracle, the miracle that begins but does not end with our birth, daily. I work in labor and delivery and I have the distinct honor and privilege to help bring new life into this world. I see the miracle. I grab this emotion and hold it like a precious baby to he nurtured and carried forth through the entirety of life. We are nature’s greatest miracle. I see it in my fellow mankind, and I see it in me.

“Today my old skin has become as dust and they will know me not, for today I am a new woman with a new life.”

I can be what I will to be. I persist. I succeed. I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I always keep my promises. Love and light.


I began this post directly after the week 15 Sunday webinar, when I was inspired! Computer issues made it so that I am posting it now… one week later. I am grateful that I wrote while I was inspired, because as I was reading my words I felt that energy, that love and passion I was feeling when it was originally written.

Love and light. ~Marda

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2 thoughts on “MKE Week 15 – Today I begin a new life

  1. Marda…this is one of my fav Og quotes…there are so many!!! “I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am a unique creature” You are…Thanks for sharing…love that you wrote it right away as you were inspired and then…well! Well Done!

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  2. Marda,
    Our generous, generous, abundant creator gives life. Millions and billions of lives AND NO TWO ALIKE! You are indeed nature’s GREATEST miracle. Wow! Never doubt, never diminish, never stop being awestruck!
    I have no doubt that you are extraordinary, interesting (and interested), plenty smart, beautiful, at least occasionally funny, and a loyal friend to some fortunate soul.

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