MKE Week 14 – Living for the ah-ha moments

Today is the 27th of December and I am still in my holiday bliss of family, rest, play and laughter. As I sit here at the dining table listening to the laughter of my teenagers as they play a board game and munch on leftovers from the holiday feast, I could not be any place that would make me happier. This afternoon as I was taking some time to do my reading and was working on rewriting my DMP I had an amazing ah-ha moment. Recently I had changed my PPN from Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression to Liberty and Legacy. When I initially discovered my true PPN I was excited because I felt deep within that this was going to help me get past some of the resistance I had been feeling. Then the daunting thought of having to rewrite my DMP, cards, movie trailer, interview…. ALL of those things tied in to my PPN, and I procrastinated. Finally I sat down today determined to get it done and create this shift. The thing is, I had not been reading my DMP each day, because I had decided I had to rewrite it before I could read it or I would be focusing on manifesting the wrong thing! Excuses!

So I began writing my new DMP, and then referenced my old DMP because there were some elements that I wanted to keep. As I was reading it, it dawned on me that NOTHING needed to be changed! There were a few things I took out, but all of the elements I wanted relating to Liberty and Legacy were in there. This whole time I already knew my true PPNs, and I had written then into my DMP. I just hadn’t realized it was more about Legacy than about Recognition. It makes sense though. I dont really enjoy recognition. I would rather silently know, anonymously, that I have made a difference.

I know up to this point I have not been fully applying myself to the Master Key Experience. I have let old habits take hold, I have procrastinated and made excuses. I haven’t quit or completely withdrawn from the process. I do something each day, read OG at least once, listen to the MKS frequently through the day, read my cards, have my filled shapes around the house, and flip through the new cards. I have seen changes in me and in my relationships, my business, and my kids. Imagine if I went all in? I am determined to see it through. “I know that small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking.”

The moment of hesitation between opportunity and action has vanished. I can be what I will to be. I persist. I succeed.

I always keep my promises.

Love and light, Marda

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2 thoughts on “MKE Week 14 – Living for the ah-ha moments

  1. Marda, your a powerhouse. Keep on shining and I’m so happy that changing your PPNs gave you the opportunity to acknowledge what had already been your DMP.


    1. Thank you for the kind words! Love and light,


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