MKE Week 11- Clearing the dust

Here we are, here I am, at week 11 of the Master Key Experience and I feel like I am starting to see clearly. I have been feeling rather stuck the last few weeks, resisting doing the program to the best of my ability and being just outright stubborn about the whole thing. Good news is I haven’t given up on myself just yet, bad new is I still haven’t really gone “all in” just yet. I am lingering somewhere in between. Yesterday I had an “ah ha” moment and I may have discovered one of the things that’s holding me back (I’m sure there is more than one ;). I realized yesterday that what I am most wanting to create in my life is a legacy. I didn’t identify with it because of my idea of what a legacy is. I think of a legacy in a somewhat negative way, like you are trying to be immortalized somehow. I wasn’t really aware of it until I sat with the idea. As I was blogging last week I realize I want to leave a legacy of increasing the love and light in the world. My desire is to embody, pass on and ignite in others the desire to increase the love and light in the world. I don’t have any desire to be imortalized, or even to be recognized, except perhaps by those who knew me best, my children. I would love to leave my legacywith them, within them, that they know thier true worth and see the light within them.

So here I am at week 11, and I am changing my PPN to Legacy and Liberty. My hope is that clears some of this resistance as I further align with my truth, my authentic self, my higher self. Liberty is spot on, lol. I yearn for freedom from my hourly pay job and from outside influences dictating where and when I am suppose to be. I ache for the ability to travel to my hearts desire with my entire family. As I creep up on the half way point in this course I feel as if the dust is starting to settle, I have been chipping away at that cement and have been left in a cloud of dust. As it settles everything is becoming more clear. The future looks amazing from here!

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1 thought on “MKE Week 11- Clearing the dust

  1. What a beautiful legacy to leave. Love and light to you!

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