MKE week 8 – pulling it all together

Week 8 has been a challenge but in a totally different way. There have also been some unbiased observations and revelations. One, I didn’t even realize was how much I watch TV just because it’s on and I pause to see what the kids or my dad is watching. Two, having NO TV on on my house for an entire week proved relatively impossible. I have a great excuse, my father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and all he does is watch TV. He will not tolerate the TV being off or not working. It was comical and frustrating last hurricane when we had no power for a couple days and he hounded us non-stop about the TV not working! However, he is not the only reason it stays on. We switched the TV over to the music station many times and the kids and I danced and had fun together. I had a great discussion with my hubby about cutting out the cable, as the kids watch Netflix most of the time anyway.

I found a super cute compass braclet on Amazon which replaced my watch and compass. It still gets my attention frequently. I have pasted shapes with smart goals all over my house, car, dream board, calendar and mirrors. What must company think! Not that I care too much. I had the best mom win the other day when I asked my daughter what inspirational quote she wanted to put on our letter board for this month and she quickly replied, “How about, I can be what I will to be, that’s a good one.” Somebody is listening!

Compass braclet from Amazon
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3 thoughts on “MKE week 8 – pulling it all together

  1. You are an awesome role model for your daughter. She is learning from your actions.


  2. Awesome read! I love how your shapes are in your dairy. I’m stealing that concept too. 😆 Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Yay! Nicely done…love the dancing to music! I missed week 9…keep writing!


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