MKE week 7 – Live by the compass

These past weeks as I journey and discover the world within I have struggled, fallen, got up, struggled some more, disconnected, reconnected, complained and rejoiced. Now more each day I rejoice, the resistance is lessening. The joy is seeping in and taking hold. Reading has become my daily habit. I find time to interweave all aspects of my life together in a way that is harmonious and joyful. “Coincidences” are daily as divine intervention brings people and things into my reality that are assisting me on this journey of discovery. I am creating the life of my dreams. I continually feel gratitude that I took action when I saw this opportunity. That moment of hesitation I pushed past and realize I had been asking for this, praying for it. For as long as I can remember I had decided that I was less than. Even when given praise for my accomplishments I felt not worthy of the praise. I can see my past self and wish for her to have peace, I forgive her for the choices she made. I see my future self and she is strong, radiant, courageous and living in abundance. She lives authentically from her heart, radiates love, speaks in kindness, and draws magnificence to her in people, places, and experiences.



Last week we discussed using a compass to guide us to follow our dharma or our DMP. I placed a watch on my wristthat night as I don’t wear one, so each time I felt it on my wrist I visualized a compass and thought quietly and aloud “follow my DMP.” All week my kids kept asking me what time it was, and I kept explaining that it represented a compass and that I am following my heart. The watch doesn’t even tell time, it is permanently at 5 o’clock. On Tuesday they were being curious and we talked about it for a while, then my son jumps up and says, “look what I made at school!” as he handed me a compass that he created in class last week. It is now posted on the refrigerator as a reminder that I am manifesting the thoughts I continually focus on, and to follow my DMP. My shapes and smart goals are there too, with eyeball magnets from Halloween, which makes me laugh so I kept it. I am creating abundant joy, and what is more joyous than the sound of laughter!


I can be what I will to be. I always keep my promises.

Love and light,   Marda

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2 thoughts on “MKE week 7 – Live by the compass

  1. I love you shapes and colors board. Seeing those each day will help you stay on track and promise you compass.


  2. Things are starting to speed up and it’s great that your family is part of your journey. Have a beautiful day/night.


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