MKE week 6 – Cracking cement

Wow! Sunday night after the webinar I began to feel the changes taking place within. A new light radiating, bursting forth, and a new energy. I finished up strong on my reads, massive positive self tak and I could FEEL it. I was so charged with feeling. I thought, “this is what it’s all about, this is great!”

The next day began with optimism which rather quickly faded as the usual morning routine of wrangling kids who “won’t listen” and loligag about when they should be getting ready. They comense to argue with eachother over every conceivable thing. I have to remind, cajoil and insist that they keep going, get ready, eat, brush teeth, brush hair, socks and shoes, “come on, we are going to he late!” We live less then 5 minutes from school, we should never be late, but we are always trying!

After the morning I try to regroup and get some “work” done. I’m tired already. I have a mess in the kitchen so I tackle that, and then the fridge. I “need” to cook some things up before they go bad so I bake. We have a lot of eggs so I make egg nog, yum. I do love to bake, but is that getting me to my dreams?

I am really good at finding distractions. Kudos Marda, you have very effectively used up most of your day. I didn’t eat a real lunch; I did say I was baking right? So I put off my afternoon read until before I pick up the kids. “Oh my gosh, it’s already time to pick up the kids,” as I grab keys and run out the door.

I tell this story because it is a prime example of my “normal” day. If it’s a work day I try to grab a nap somewhere in there ( I work the night shift), but I’m about as good at doing that as I am about doing my “work”. It’s just working on my side biz, the business I decided to do so that I can build the life of my dreams and reach financial freedom.

Why do I persist in creating these moments of chaos and endless distractions. It’s just my dreams, no big deal right?

I refuse to give up on my dreams. I will push through. I can be what I will to be. I always keep my promises.

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4 thoughts on “MKE week 6 – Cracking cement

  1. I see you girlfriend, keep generating that energy! So excited for you.


  2. Embrace the chaos they say! Your kids are only young for a short time. What I’ve begun to realize is, if I just stop and do the exercises, most of it doesn’t really take very long. It’s the putting off continuously that is a time suck! Hope that helps!

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    1. Procrastination is the biggest time suck! You are right, it doesn’t take much time and I have been doing much better at getting it done. Thank you for the feedback, it all helps!

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  3. Awesome authentic post. Thank you for sharing.


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