MKE week 2 – Making time

As I wrap up week two of this twenty-eight week journey I become fully aware that it is essential for me to create the time to complete the tasks that I want to do so that I can become the person I know is already within. I enjoy the reading, I have always enjoyed reading, but I “get busy” with life and have skipped one read here and there. The evenings I have found to be the hardest. That’s when I feel I should be dedicating time to my family. Once family time is done and everyone is down to sleep all I want to do is go to bed too! I walk around in my bathroom reading out loud so I can stay awake, but I’m not sure my energy is quite where I want it to be. I know that this will get easier as I establish the routine. My biggest obstacle… how do I ask my husband to turn the TV off at night?

Seriously though, my husband likes to go to bed with the TV on, and we are to read and no electronics after our last read at night. This might be my trickiest change. If I wait until he is about to fall asleep I can go out of the room, get my reading done, and then turn the TV off. So far it works.  I remind myself now that we are only in week two and I will get better at all of this. I have started to write all of my times out on my calendar. I continue to have conversations with my husband and children so they can start to understand what I am working on and why I need the time to work on it. I am excited for the process and very excited to get my whole mind working for my greater good.



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2 thoughts on “MKE week 2 – Making time

  1. Well done on doing the work. I struggled the first weeks, but now it’s getting easier and I look forward to the reads. Keep going, you doing well.
    My dad was like your hubbie, so my mom got him earphones so she didn’t have to listen to the tv.


  2. Naz #Master Key Experience October 25, 2018 — 11:03 am

    Great read & I apologize for calling you Manuel. I’m reading this first thing in the morning without my first cup of coffee.
    Great to be on this journey with you.
    Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏❤️🤙🔑👩‍🚒🚒👑


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